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DEX liquid ring vacuum pump range is single stage

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DEX liquid ring vacuum pump range is single stage type with vary port valve design.
Simplicity and robustness are the main features but there are other advantages to be highlighted as follows:
• wide range of applications
• high reliability
• possibility to handle various gases and vapours nevertheless associated liquid carry over
• isothermal compression
• one moving part: the rotor
• different exotic material executions available  (Nickel-Bronze-Aluminium, Titanium) and with special
mechanical seals
• low maintenance
• low vibrations
• silent running
- Shaft supporting: two grease-lubricated roller bea rings
- Rotating direction: clockwise when viewed from the motor side
- Shaft seal: by means of two single mechanical seals
• Possible construction complying to API 681 norms.
• Possibility to have ATEX certified pumps
The service liquid must be continuously fed to the pump during operation in order compress the gas and remove the generated heat and to restore the liquid ring. The service liquid may be separated from the gas into a discharge separator and, in case of total recirculation, cooled down by means of a heat exchanger.
Normally, water is used as service liquid.

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